The Wink

Worked with Clinique on art direction for the launch of The Wink, its editorial site. Collaborated with Global Creative Director, Melissa Knapp, and Jessica Romm, now editor-in-chief of Domino magazine, on the concepts and art direction for the site and for social media. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.12.25 PM.png

Commissioned artwork to illustrate health and beauty concepts for the site.

Conceptual illustrations of beauty and health terms by Ben Wiseman.

Illustrations of vitamin properties by Justin Fantl.

Product illustrations by Allesandra Olanow.

Art direction and layout of stories featuring various influencers for the site’s launch.

Beauty Boosting Ice Pops: Feature on Eat Pops founder, Sophie Milrom, by Meredith Jenks.

Hannah Bronfman's Workout Essentials: DJ, model, and entrepreneur, Hannah Bronfman on her beauty and wellness routine, shot by Taylor Jewell.

Summer Wine & Travel Story: We commissioned Anthony Zinonos to whimsically tie together a story about a wine blogger, lipstick, and summer travel.


Client: Clinique, Inc.
Global Creative Director: Melissa Knapp
Consultant: Jessica Romm
Design & Art Direction: Cybele Grandjean & Kevin Brainard, Area of Practice
Writer: Courtney Dunlop
Photography & Illustration: Justin FantlMeredith JenksTaylor JewellKim Myers RobertsonBen WisemanAnthony Zinonos