Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Redesign

We collaborated with the VP of Marketing, the Editor-in-Chief, the research, and editorial teams on the redesign. The strategy and redesign focuses on CR’s lesser-known, yet highly influential, advocacy work. We developed a cover strategy that features a provocative headline illustrated by a conceptual image. We developed new editorial franchises that focus on consumer empowerment. This provides greater visibility of the original mission: advocating for the consumer.

We were lucky enough to work with talented photographers and illustrators like Kelsey Dake, David Brandon Geeting, Na Kim, Jeremy Liebmen, Andrew B. Myers, Paul Sahre, and others to bring clever illustrations to the magazine. 


Client: Consumer Reports
Consumer Data & Marketing Operations: Brent Diamond
Editor-in-Chief: Ellen Kampinsky
Design & Art Direction: Cybele Grandjean & Kevin Brainard, Area of Practice
Consulting Photo Director: Mary Cahill