Condé Nast Brides

Condé Nast Brides

I was hired by Anne Fulenwider, now editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, to lead the relaunch of Brides. The goal was to modernize it and bring it into line with the other fashion-forward Condé Nast publications. As creative director I restaffed the photo and art departments. The old magazine was scrapped and I was a part of the editorial team that rethought sections and franchises of the publication.  We created a bold, minimalist design that featured up-and-coming and fine art photographers. The magazine won the Silver Medal for redesign of the year from The Society of Publication Designers. 

We wanted this story on metalic to be the opposite of a tasteful, minimalist wedding story. We worked with stylist Michelle Wong and French photographer Romian Bernadie James  on this over-the-top story. Art directed by Jaspal Riyait. 

For this story on lace dresses we worked with Erik Madigan Heck. He won the ICP infinity award a few months after he shot this for us. We were lucky to work with him just before his career took off. He now shoots regularly for The New York Times Magazine, W, The New Yorker, and others. 

We worked with fine art photographer Laura Letinsky, prop stylist Jeffrey Miller, and tabletop editor Donna Ferrari on this story about tabletop registry. 

I pitched this story on a cocktail party wedding. We threw a big semi-fake, semi-real party at a bar on the Lower East Side, invited some friends, and hired some models and Jessica Craig Martin to document the results. 

We were inspired by Tony Mendoza’s ant's view photographs of flowers, so we commissioned him to shoot this story on centerpieces the same way. Tony Mendoza is a Cuban-American photographer who is a retired professor of photography at The Ohio State University. 


Client: Condé Nast
Editor-in-Chief: Anne Fulenwider
Creative Director: Cybele Grandjean
hotography Director: Mary Cahill
Associate Photo Director: Amelia Hoffman
Redesign Consultants: Kevin Brainard, Robin Rosenthal
Art Director: Jaspal Riyait
Deputy Art Director: Jenn McManus
Designers: Jee Eun Lee, Amrita Marino