Real Simple Family

Real Simple Family 

Redesign of Real Simple Family magazine. I hired the design staff, concepted and art directed all photography and illustration, and designed the launch issue with the talented team. The final design and templates were then translated for the iPad edition

We collaborated with Jamie Chung on this story about low-maintenance pets.

I pitched this story on hairdos for half-pints shot by Ryan Pfluger. We worked with Cozy Friedman, author or Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girl’s Hair, who cut and styled each of these kids on set.

We worked with great photographers and illustrators like Jamie Chung, Russ and Reyn, Andy Rementer, Jan van Holloben and others.

James Wojcik photographed these whacky tableaus created by stylist Linden Elstran for this story on holiday treats.

Client: Real Simple
Editor-in-Chief: Kristin von Ogrop
Creative Director: Janet Froelich
Design Director: Cybele Grandjean
Photo Director: Casey Tierney
Photo Editors: Mary Cahill, Kate Osba
Designers: Robin Rosenthal, Amrita Marino, Alex Mooney, Tova Diamond